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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beautiful alpaca yarn from our herd

My favorite time of year is when all the new yarn is finally finished at the mill and ready for pick up!
We always have the natural colors of the alpaca. This year we had a few of our fleeces blended with tussah silk and bamboo and all of our whites blended with merino wool.
It has been fun learning how to dye the yarn...more so than I thought! We are always looking to add a bit of variety as our customers have requested some different things. So this year we added some 3 ply sport weight. We aim to please!
Again, shearing is only a few months away and we will start the process all over again.
The alpacas are more than happy to get the fleece off for the summer!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Warm and cozy 100% Alpaca hat & scarf sets

So much comes with being an alpaca farmer. Day to day chores, herd health, show season, (new on our list next year.) Birthing a new crop of crias every year, making plans for future breedings and looking forward to the new harvest of beautiful colors of fiber our alpacas give us at shearing time!
Then the fun begins! Deciding what will be the best use of every fleece. This year we have a lot of new yarn coming in and the order of the day this year is hats and scarves! I have had so much fun making these items and I am always looking forward to learning a new way to create something unique and beautiful!
This time of year is perfect for creating and staying nice and warm inside and thinking of next years plans.
Also a time to reflect on what I am thankful for. So many,friends and health.
I am so thankful for each and every day that I spend on my farm it is truly peace on earth to me.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nuno felting fun!

Design laid out and ready to felt

Design laid out and ready to felt

Nuno felting is a Japanese fabric felting technique that incorporates wool, a fabric such as silk gauze or chiffon. Soap and water plus some muscle that involves rolling the fabric to start the felting process. So how does the project being made stay together? As you are rolling, the fibers weave their way through the fabric and lock in. The process of using hot and cold water shrink the fabric that holds fiber in place creating a light weight felted piece that will not stretch out of shape.
My husband is amazed every time I make a scarf, he can't believe that I can get a scarf made in a few short hours.
Our alpacas create lots of fiber and not only do we have yarn processed at a mill it is also fun to save some so I can learn how to do other things with it as well.
It's relaxing to let my imagination create different designs using alpaca and sometimes blending other fibers as well, like merino, tussah silk, bamboo and fun sparkle like firestar for added texture.
As the dreary weather approaches I will keep busy coming up with different designs and continue to learn new techniques!
Finished scarf

Finished scarf

alpaca, merino and tussah silk

alpaca, merino and tussah silk

Alpaca fiber laid out and ready to felt

Alpaca fiber laid out and ready to felt

100% alpaca and some add ins for texture

100% alpaca and some add ins for texture

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Great Pyrenees, a natural livestock guardian

I must say I am so proud to own Great Pyrenees dogs. They seem to be programmed naturally for the task at hand which is to guard and protect their herd. I have never owned a more loyal, protective and loving dog. But as they age and begin to slow down a bit we are bringing a few younger ones to the farm to learn the ropes and let the older dogs take it easy a little more. Not that they will! They are up and running at any threat. It is amazing to watch how the younger dogs follow along and just know what to do.
Plus how could anyone resist such cute critters! There is nothing quite like a Pyrenees hug! Yes, they hug us in their own special way.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Scout loves the ladies!

We had farm visitors today and of course we always stop by American Scout's pen so he can charm all the ladies with his sweet personality.
He is always a perfect gentleman and I think our visitor would agree!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shearing day at the farm!

Two full days of shearing at the farm and another great harvest at Mt. Peak Alpacas!
Now it's time to clean up the fiber to send to the mill to be made into luxurious yarn and rovings!
Thanks to our shearer Kim who does a wonderful job for us every year, we appreciate your hard work!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Guardians of the herd

We have three Great Pyrenees dogs that guard our alpaca herd and our granddaughter too!
They are extremely smart and always on watch making sure their herd is always safe.
Very loving and loyal and I can sleep at night knowing they are there and will take care of business!
This is Bailey, Kye is a new generation, and Juno....well he is off somewhere on the farm in one of his special trenches he digs out so he can keep watch in secret!
His presence will be known in a matter of seconds if anything is amiss with Bailey and Kye right on his heels.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New yarn and rovings for sale!

Our new yarn is finally here and ready to sell to all of you out there that love alpaca!
We are so pleased with our yarn this year. We decided to try a few color combinations to get that heathered look and it turned out beautiful! Color combinations of Beige and Bay Black. Also Dark Fawn and Bay Black. Sundancer produced such beautiful bulky yarn with his color that shines like gold.
Come by the farm to purchase if you want to save on shipping!
Rovings have arrived! A few colors to choose from: Beige/Fawn, Medium Fawn, Medium Brown.